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What is SLOT?

Slot is not a key holder nor a key, but a key and a multi-key holder all in one. Slot does away with standard keys, key rings, key chains, key holders, key identifiers and other awkward and fiddly ways of using, carrying and storing keys.

It is a real innovation for those who follow innovations and design their lives accordingly. It is a memorable design approach to the modern key that has remained the same for 150 years.



A 4-key slot is lighter than 4 keys. (With 4 keys, the total weight of the Slot Machine is 42 - 45 g)



SLOT brings together 4 keys in a perfect way and takes up very little space. You will only remember its existence when you use it.



SLOT is easy to carry in the pocket. The key ends are not exposed. It doesn't make you feel uncomfortable when you sit down or stand up.



You can easily find the key you are looking for from its colored pin. SLOT keeps up with the fast pace of modern life.


Here is SLOT's new key :)

Round head on standard Yale key; Thanks to the solution provided by the slot system, it has become an unwanted excess. We saved the keys from that redundancy! ..From now on, the keys are lighter and have a more "fit" structure...

Moreover, the key we present here is the most ordinary and simple-shaped key. There are much more coarse and bizarre shaped keys on the market. They show better how Slot is a miracle.

Current SLOT keys:

KA 2, KA 3, KA 3S,
KA 7 (KA 9),
KA 7S (KA 9S),
KA 8 (KA 10),
KA 9B (PKA 7),
KA 4 B (PKA 4),
KA 6B (PKA8),
KA 11B (PKA11),
KA 12B (PKA 17)
KA 20B (PKA 16)

Mul-T-Lock : 7 x 7

TO 5iU,
TO 7B (PTO 10),
TO 8B (PTO 8),
TO 9B (PTO12)

Universal :
UN 4 (UL 14) ,
UN 4S (UL 15)
UN 7 (UL12),
UN 22B

EX 1 

DAF 6 (DAF 8),
DAF 6S (DAF 8S),
DAF 8B (PDF 11)

HOK 45 (Yale),
HOK 3B (Pt)

Zeiss :
ZE 1, ZE 1S

Tri Circle (TL) :
TL1, TL1S, TL2,
TL 2S, TL 8, TL 8S,
TL 9, TL 9S

Viro : Vi 13

Yale : YA 13

YUMA : YU 9, YU 10B




Mak Design was founded in 2004 by cartoon director Ateş Benice, archaeologist-photographer Mehmet Güngör and graphic designer Mustafa Kemal Coşlu to produce all kinds of visual design products and industrial designs.

In addition to aesthetic elements, it is our general principle to create differences that bring ease of use. We believe a design's ability to solve problems is as important as its visual aspects.


Hacımimi Mah. Dibek Sok. No:17-1 Galata 34425 Beyoğlu Istanbul, Turkey



Phone: +90 212 264 1301
Mobile: +90 542 693 6352